The Al Gabbiano Hotel in Scoglitti in south-east Sicily is situated at latitude 36°53’25” N and longitude 14°25’48” E, and is more to the south than the northernmost part of Africa.
The hotel is situated in a gulf in the southern part of the Mediterranean Sea and from its position sea sunsets may be enjoyed all year round.
The particular climatic condition of the gulf area allows for basking in ideal temperatures from March to November and a great amount of iodine ideal for our health.

The hotel is on a fine golden sand beach with palm trees and natural marine bays formed by breakwater barriers to allow for the utmost inhalation therapy, stays and aquatic practices in safety.
Al Gabbiano at Scogglitti is a natural therapy wellness centre.
Walking on the beach, breathing or just floating in the water we get a real treatment like at a spa and wellness centre.
Indeed the sea takes care of us and our wellbeing in many ways with water, sun, iodine and mineral salts.

It is not just a matter of water, but above all of air if we think of the healthy, regenerating effects of a holiday by the sea.
The sea takes care of us in many different ways grouped in the word thalassotherapy.
The first benefit is undoubtedly the liquid element: water.
Life begins with water so going back to it is a bit like finding ourselves in the amniotic fluid which contained and nourished us.
So the sea is good for us with a simple balneotherapy.

It isn’t necessary to swim in the water, but just stay seated by the shore and let the water massage you.
The waves are a real natural hydromassage having a toning effect on the skin, muscles and the circulatory system.
For people who indulge in some more movement, the beneficial effects are felt 360°, such as prevention of cramps, reduction of fat on the hips and cellulite, less stiffness in the knees, ankles, back and shoulders.

Widely utilised in the aesthetic field and at wellness centres, hydrotherapy is based on the alternation of hot and cold.
What happens by the sea going from the beach (hot) to water (cold), is a very good form of vascular training.
One talks about inhalation therapy to describe the effect created by the waves as they break and release not only iodine into the air, but also many mineral salts which replace lost minerals throughout the body.
With psammo-therapy you get a sort of scrubbing action that cleans, disinfects and alkalinises surface tissues.
It is a very good treatment for dermatitis, eczema and acne.
With the due protections from UVA and UVB rays, the sun works better against osteoporosis than a massive dose of vitamins.

Heliotherapy is simply sunbathing by laying down or walking.
Besides, the sun causes calcium levels in bones and muscles to raise.
Finally, in this immense and natural wellness centre that is the sea phytotherapy provides essences often released by pinewoods and plants growing beside the beach with typical trees of Mediterranean bush.
In this case long walks are recommended because combined with the saline action of the waves these essences help to prevent bronchitis and other illnesses of the respiratory system in winter.

Cold sea water has an anti-inflammatory effect and decongests and reduces inflammation