To make a reservation, send a fax to:0932980505. Make sure you include:

  1. Name, surname and telephone number of the person booking, and a photocopy of their identification document;
  2. Name and surname of the person for whom the room will be reserved;
  3. Room needed (single, double, 3-bed, 4-bed, 5-bed), and state any other needs such as cot, separate beds or separate rooms with shared bathroom (double + double/single/triple);
  4. Date of arrival and expected departure time and date;
  5. State whether you need room only, half-board or full-board;
  6. State your consent to pay the official daily rate per person indicated by the hotel and rate lists;
  7. State your acceptance of the penalty of 30% of the entire sum to be paid if you cancel less than 8 days before the reservation;
  8. Send a copy of the receipt for the deposit of 300 euros, paid by postal order and made out to EXPO s.r.l., Via Messina 52, 97010 SCOGLITTI (RG).

    Credito Siciliano
    IBAN : IT27S0301926300000008003310 BICSWIFT : RSANIT3P .

See our rates.

reservations are only confirmed when we receive the information stated above.